The Center has a large dining hall of approximately 500 m2, divided into two areas: one for the Preschool and the other for Primary to High School students.

The Center has its own kitchen. There is a restricted diet menu for those who need it, as well as special dishes for students with special dietary needs such as those with allergies, coeliac’s disease, etc.

The dining hall has a maximum capacity of 240 people.

Parents receive monthly information about that month’s menu and parents of Preschool students receive daily menus. Parents who stay for meetings at the Center are welcome to eat in the dining hall.


Preschool to High School Year 2 students are welcome to use transport offered by the school as complementary service.

There 13 daily routes altogether, with stops close to students’ homes in order to accommodate parents.

On each bus, there is always a teacher who looks after students during the journey and extends the rules applied within the Center to the school bus.

All school transport safety rules are adhered to: seatbelts, adapted seating, first aid kits, anti-rolling systems, DVD, air conditioning and heating.

Parents and class teachers are the only people permitted to authorise the presence, absence or change of stop of any student from Preschool to High School. Unless such information is communicated according to this criteria, the teacher responsible for the route will not allow any changes.

Student have allocated seats, arranged according to age to facilitate organisational aspects and socialising. Young students are taken from the stop to their classrooms by teachers or older students.

Routes and stops are organised annually and parents are informed of such before the start of the school year.

Routes spread as far as Puerto de Sagunto, Picassent and Chiva. It is possible to extend routes or create new ones, as long as the criteria previously stipulated is followed.

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