Since Iale opened its doors in 1967, it has commitmented to offer its students the best education; a comprehensive education based on the pillars of our educational project.

EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE · We work so that throughout their education, each student is the leading figure in their learning process. They make connections with the real world through experience, research, active listening and whilst being curious and having an active mind.

COMMAND OF ENGLISH · We train bilingual students, who experience the daily use of English through practice, guided by highly qualified teachers, aware that by mastering English + Spanish and knowing other languages (French, Chinese and Geman) they can function anywhere in the world.

INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT · We use technological, sporting and musical training as sources of cognitive and intellectual development, as well as a complement to our students education, both in their personal and professional lives.

EDUCATION IN VALUES · We work together with our families to promote the values of respect, tolerance, solidarity, effort and empathy so that our students become an active part of society, feel involved and committed, acting responsibly with people and the environment in search of collective well-being and the improvement of the world.

We educate our students in a comprehensive way by promoting a solid bilingual academic education based on values.

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