The success of a school is the people in it: their competence, determination, skills, common goals and passion for education.


  • Strong leadership.

The people who make up the school´s management team firmly believe in IALE´s principles and implement them. A good school starts with a director able to assemble a starff of excellent teachers who share a passion for education and ensure an optimal environment for the development of our educational project.

We pursue an atmosphere of respect between people and the school as a place of learning. Therefore, the director and coordinatiors are always visible and accessible.


  • Hiring the best teachers from anywhere in the world.

Our teachers are prepared to make an extra effort. The best reward is a stimulanting work environment where they can practice their profession. We work to recruit the best teachers, mainly from Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA. All have been carefully selected to ensure that they share the principles underpinning our project.


  • Teacher training and motivation.

The practice of hiring native teachers provides a wealth of good practice from all parts of the world, especially from the United Kingdom. Our faculty is a cohesive and interpenetrating team, wich is supportive and enables the sharing of ideas and experiences. Our teachers always want to learn from each other and are a source of inspiration for our students.

The school provides various opportunities for the teaching staff to develop their skills and contribute to the success of Iale, as a private school in Valencia. Their dedication, inspiration and achievement of the same objectives are crucial to achieve the best quality in school.



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