The main objective of the psycho-pedagogical department is the the detection, prevention and intervention of possible learning difficulties in students, as well as guiding parents and teachers through a multi-pronged approach to help solve or improve any difficulty that is detected.

Another fundamental aim of the department is to help the school attain an education of the highest quality, thus supporting activities which help to improve learning by guiding and providing a personalised plan for each individual student.

Additionally, the psycho-pedagogical department takes part in other developmental programmes which take place at the Center and which are detailed further on.


• To help teachers and parents in continued monitoring plans for our students.

• To give individualised attention to students with learning difficulties.

• To collaborate in the learning-teaching process.

Furthermore, the psycho-pedagogical department takes part in the following programmes:


This programme consists in the splitting of the Primary Years 2 to 6 logical reasoning and maths groups. The original classes are divided into two alternate groups: one group works with the psycho-pedagogical department on in-depth logical reasoning, the other group works with the teacher to revise concepts worked on in the other class the in the previous session, and the following week the groups swap over. As such, students are given more individualised attention.


Students who require help with revision are able to attend support classes organised by the psycho-pedagogical department.

The groups are organised according to level and group aims.

The classes take place during lunch breaks on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1:30 pm and 2:50 pm, split into two shifts.

To encourage and consolidate new concepts, students need specific help and, as such, there are never more than 5 students to a group.

In instances where it is deemed necessary to intervene in more depth into a student’s difficulties and it has been requested by the class teacher or directors, an extended investigation will take place, concluding in a provisional diagnosis and, if necessary, further personalised sessions.

In turn, during these classes, the psycho-pedagogical department prepares specific behavioural programmes that are adapted to suit the needs of each individual student, either due to poor habits, behaviour or other specific reasons. In these cases, other group activities are organised in order to improve the student’s attitude, motivation and self-esteem using relaxation techniques, fine motor skills, rhythms, focus, etc.

Additionally, the psycho-pedagogical specialist carries out programmes and plans intervention activities for class teachers to use with individual students or in groups, with the aim of achieving objectives and needs set out beforehand.


From ESO Year 4, this guidance is focused on developing sessions which allow the student to gain a broad perspective of university prospects and the professions which best match their strengths. Talks are organised with professionals from all fields as well as out of school visits which give students a deeper understanding of the possible options available to them.

In cases where it is considered that a student’s choice with regard to their future is not entirely suited to their skills, the department and the class teacher will try to find a more suitable alternative through a thorough analysis of their situation.


In the psycho-pedagogical department, we have established routines, materials and techniques to increase reading rates in line with comprehension skills as a way of improving qualifications. A computerised reading program can be used to complement this.

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