The main objective of the psycho-pedagogical department is the the detection, prevention and intervention of possible learning difficulties in students, as well as guiding parents and teachers through a multi-pronged approach to help solve or improve any difficulty that is detected.

Another fundamental aim of the department is to help the school attain an education of the highest quality, thus supporting activities which help to improve learning by guiding and providing a personalised plan for each individual student.


Educational Excellence

To contribute to achieving maximum educational quality, promoting activities that help us to improve the learning of our students, guiding them and monitoring each of them individually.


Detection - Intervention

Detection, prevention and intervention of possible learning difficulties that may occur in a student and guidance for parents and teachers through a multidisciplinary intervention proposal to solve or improve the difficulty that has been detected.


Tutorial Intervention

Programming of guided intervention activities for tutors to carry out individually or in groups in order to achieve previously planned objectives or needs.


Emotional Management

Group dynamics to improve attitude, motivation and self-esteem, based on relaxation exercises, fine psychomotor skills, rhythms, attention, etc.


University Guidance

From ESO 4, this guidance is focused on developing sessions which allow the student to gain a broad perspective of university prospects and the professions which best match their strengths.


Reading Rates

We have established routines, materials and techniques to increase reading rates in line with comprehension skills as a way of improving grades.

We educate our students in a comprehensive way by promoting a solid bilingual academic education based on values.

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