IALE School has always been providing students everything they needed to help them achieve their objectives, both formal and extracurricular, continuously improving the quality of teaching and the education of the students. In this context where was born twelve years ago the High Performance Tennis Players Program which it has now expanded to all type of athletes (swimmers, footballers, amazons and riders…) and musicians.

The objective of this program is to help athletes so they can reconcile their training program with their studies, driving the development of the students inside and outside their sporting environment.

Classes are organized in small groups (maximum 5 students) and with a flexible timetable that allows students to continue their studies at any time and also to participate in the sporting events they need. In addition, they will attend a subject class with them so students can build links with the rest of their classmates. And furthermore, they are given the opportunity to participate at any time in the activities organized by the school.

Schedule attends to the specific needs of these students. During the championships  the students have access to the resources of the classes in the different subjects through platforms like networking classroom. Parents and trainers of the students have access to the performance and academic tutor notifications through IALE 3.0.

Over the years since the program is running, many students have had the benefit of its advantages and actually, 90% of all students who have studied up to 2ndyear of Baccalaureate have passed the PAU tests  and to this day, they are studying the career they have chosen.

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