We offer various extracurricular activities that complement and enrich the education of our students and in which they can exercise, have fun and socialise with children of similar ages.

The aim is to awaken hobbies and talents in our students and at the same time provide them with numerous physical, social and emotional benefits.

These clubs are optional, during school hours, between 13.00 and 14.40 or from 17.00 onwards.

Every year, depending on the demand of our families, different clubs are offered: karate, basketball, indoor football, skating, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, football, tennis, paddle tennis, hockey, volleyball, spartan race kids, dance, etc.


Individual Music Classes

From the age of 3, and in parallel to the curricular project "Every child an instrument", our students can optionally receive individual instrument lessons.

Suzuki Method.
From the age of 3. This methodology is based on the learning of the mother tongue applied to the teaching of a musical instrument through play, giving special importance to the development of listening, repetition and discipline.

Piano - Guitar - Cello - Viola - Violin - Flute.

Music School.
From the age of 6. Classes for instruments, musical language, choir and instrumental ensemble.

Violin · Viola · Cello · Guitar · Piano · Flute · Singing Clarinet · Trumpet · Horn · Trombone · Percussion · Double bass.

People with integrity, responsibility and happiness, ready to develop anywhere in the world.

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