Concerned about the health and wellbeing of our students and as part of their overall development, we consider it very important to offer an updated menu that meets their needs. To this end, with the help of two great professionals such as Juan Llorca (chef with more than 24 years of experience) and Melissa Gómez (paediatric dietician-nutritionist), we have been working for years on a change in the nutrition of our students to promote their growth and development in an optimal way.


Healthy food

A complete, healthy and balanced diet with fruit and vegetables as the protagonists of our meals..

Menus prepared daily in our kitchen, based on "food instead of products", avoiding ultra-processed, sugary products and giving priority to fresh seasonal produce.


Own kitchen

We have our own kitchen and a team of 5 cooks who prepare our menus on a daily basis, also catering for the specific needs of students with allergies, food intolerances, coeliacs or who occasionally require a special diet.


Vegetarian food option

Vegetarian option for families who wish it, every day.

We are also part of the "Meat Free Mondays" programme, an international movement that promotes a meat-free menu on Mondays to improve people's health and help the planet.

People with integrity, responsibility and happiness, ready to develop anywhere in the world.

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