At the Iale School, uniforms are compulsory. In enforcing this, two aims are achieved: for there to be no difference between students in terms of the clothes they wear and to accommodate parents. The items which compose the uniform are designed to be comfortable as well as smart. 80% of the items are made in Spain. There are both summer and winter uniforms. The change over from one uniform to the next is set by the directors in October and May, however dates can change according to weather. The uniform is for sale in the school shop, items which are not bought here are not permitted unless otherwise authorised by the directors for medical reasons. To make it easier for parents, the uniform can also be purchased all year round in our online shop, Below are details of the items which make up the Preschool to High School uniform:

Preschool to High School Summer Uniform

  • Short-sleeved, light blue polo shirt
  • Grey shorts
  • Grey summer skirt
  • Summer jacket (Preschool)**
  • Summer jacket (Primary to High School)**
  • Navy blue socks*
  • Sandals (up to size 36)**
  • Navy blue, laced shoes (from size 36)**
  • Velcro shoes (up to size 35)**
  • Moccasins (from size 36)**
  • Bibs (Preschool)*
  • Small, navy blue rucksack (Preschool)
  • Navy blue wheeled rucksack (Primary)
  • Navy blue rucksack (Secondary and High School)

Preschool to High School Winter Uniform

  • Navy blue tracksuit (Mat -1)
  • Long-sleeved, light blue t-shirt (Mat -1)
  • Light blue shirt
  • Short tie
  • Navy blue jumper
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey winter skirt
  • Fleece (during park time only)**
  • Coat (Preschool to Primary Year 5)
  • Blazer (Primary Year 5 to High School)
  • Parka (Secondary and High School)**
  • Navy blue socks*
  • Sandals (up to size 36)**
  • Laced shoes (from size 36)**
  • Velcro shoes (up to size 35)**
  • Green striped smock (Preschool and Primary)

Physical Education and AccessoriesRain coat (Preschool and Primary)*

  • Painting overall (Preschool and Primary)*
  • P.E. uniform (from ESO Year 2 to High School)
  • Iale sports shirt
  • Sports shorts
  • Sports socks
  • Sports tracksuit
  • Trainers
  • Sports bag

**clothing optional, you can not buy but can not replace garments outside the center.
The uniform may change if the direction so provides.

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