Intellectual excellence

· We encourage all students to develop their aptitudes and self-improvement based on their abilities.
· We work through a wide variety of work methodologies such as experimentation, project work and gamification.

· We develop the study habits and encourage responsibility through the weekly homework programme.


· Our students study the Spanish curriculum but use English as the vehicular language, benefitting from the assimilation of Spanish content while gaining fluency in English which is taught as a first language using British content, as well the content found within the Common European Framework.

· Valencian is studied from Primary Year 1, Mandarin Chinese from the age of three to Primary Year 6, and French from Year 1 until the end of Secondary.

· Students are given the opportunity to sit official exams in these all languages.

All-round development

· We work on the emotional education of our students by providing the necessary techniques and resources for our students to manage their emotions in an autonomous and effective way, forming happy and active people..

· We promote a healthy lifestyle by training our students in good eating habits, physical exercise, a positive relationship with the environment, social and voluntary activities, hygiene and health.

Every child an instrument

· It is taught from an early age as a part of the curriculum as it is considered essential to awaken the senses, improve listening, enhance memory and promote creativity.

· From the age of five, all students learn to play an instrument as part of the curriculum until the end of the high school. This project, has meant an improvement in the development of attention and mathematical logic.

We educate our students in a comprehensive way by promoting a solid bilingual academic education based on values.

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