Iale International School, a private school near Valencia

Iale International School is part of the Iale-Elian’s educational group, a reference point for education in Spain since 1967; the year in which the Monzonís Marín family founded their private school in Valencia (La Eliana).

Iale International School: One of the best schools in Valencia

In 1998 Iale became the first bilingual infant and primary school in Valencia to be authorised at a national level.

We prepare our students for a global, diverse and complex world. An international vision that goes beyond speaking 5 languages and that prepares our students to study and work anywhere in the world.

We believe in discipline, effort and willingness to overcome, in order to achieve any goal. We encourage a taste for achievement and encourage excellence in all areas of human development.

Iale as a private school in La Eliana is constantly searching for new features that enhance the quality of our students´education. In 2015, the music project “a child, an instrument” was launched from infants to secondary to allow all children to learn to playa n instrument as part of the curriculum.

We have a music school as part of our facilities, where we also have the authorisation to teach “Enseñanzas Artísticas Profesionales de Música”, Professional Artistic Music Education, through the Conservatory.

We cover all educational stages, from age 1 to university.

From when Iale first opened its doors, we have had a firm commitment to offer our students the best education in Valencia; a comprehensive education based on the three pillars of our educational project:

  • Command of English: We are an international school in Valencia and as English is the universal language, we give our students the key that will allow them to develop in a totally globalised world, mastering the English language through the linguistic immersion offered by our teachers in an international environment.
  • High academic results: Every child can achieve success,   We help our students to discover and enhance their talents by working in a personalised way, with their virtues and needs.
  • Musical, sport and technological education:  We focus on the essential disciplines in the cognitive and intellectual development of the human being, embodied in a structure of music, sports and technological education.

Our teachers are prepared to make an extra effort. Their best reward is a stimulating work environment where they can practice their profession. We work to hire the best teachers, mainly from Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA … All of them have been carefully selected ensuring that they share the principles that underpin our project.

We have our own kitchen where a healthy school menu is prepared daily. We consider it essential that our students have a healthy, complete and balanced diet where fruits and vegetables have a major role.

Therefore, from the academic year 2017/18 two great professionals, Juan Llorca (chef with more than 22 years experience) and Melissa Gómez (dietitian-pediatric nutritionist) joined the team to offer a diet designed to promote the optimal growth and development of our students.

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