Essential Information About Cookies

This site, is a site owned by the COLEGIO IALE S.A. (hereinafter IALE). This website uses its own and third party cookies, to enhance the users’ experience. By simply browsing (with a browser enabled to accept cookies) the user accepts the installation of cookies, unless they object to it, according to the following Cookies Policy.

Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A “Cookie” is a small text file that a website stores in the user’s browser. Cookies facilitate the use and navigation of a website and are essential to the operation of the Internet, providing many advantages in providing interactive services.

What do cookies do?

Cookies do not identify you personally and pose no risk to your computer or mobile device. They are not viruses or spyware. They are simply tools used by websites you visit to improve your navigation, for your data to travel securely on the network, to help us understand what information our website is more useful to users, or to find out what offers may be of interest each user. All of this is done in a completely anonymous way: we will never know your name, address or phone number unless you give them to us. You decide whether or not to allow cookies, but if you decide not to allow them, you must block them in your browser. Before blocking them, we would like to help you understand how cookies are used.

Also bear in mind that if you decide not to allow the use of cookies some features of the website may not work properly.

How long are cookies active for?

There are two types of cookies:

  • Those for the session, which expire when you leave the page or close the browser, ie are active for the duration of your visit to our website. These are erased when you turn off the device.
  • Permanent ones, which expire when the purpose for which they serve is fulfilled or when manually deleted. All have a date for being automatically erased and are commonly used in processes online purchase, customizations or registration, so that you do not have to enter a password constantly.

Using cookies at

In, we use cookies for different purposes that are essentially these::

  • Cookies for the operation of the web

This web uses its own internal cookies for operation of the web. In some cases, third-party tools are used for the same purpose.

  • Technical: are necessary so that you can navigate correctly and you can access all sections without any problems.
  • Analytical: They allow us to understand how you browse our website, see what works and what does not, to improve the site, and to calculate how many people visit in order to improve the services we can offer. This information is anonymous and only need it for statistical purposes.

If you don’t want cookies, disable them in your browser

Generally browsers allow cookies by default. When you browse you agree to the use of cookies. However you decide if you want to browse with or without cookies and you can change your preferences at any time.

We recommend you consult your browser’s help section for information on the different options on how to manage cookies. Below are links to manage cookies in the main browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer:
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  4. Google Chrome:

Please be aware that blocking cookies may affect some, or all, of the functions of our website.

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