Since 2005, our classrooms have been equipped with interactive white boards, projectors, and computer systems. Year after year, we continue to evolve alongside technological advances. For that reason, the school moved over to the iOS operating system, as we consider it to be a teaching tool that will become essential in the near future.

Teaching projects  

For over the years, the IT department and teaching staff have been rolling out a project involving the implementation of iPads. In Preschool, the project is being implemented in the 1:many programme. In this programme, students work on material generated by teachers using the iBooks Author tool, as well as apps from the App Store. And, from the 2014-2015 the us of iPads 1:1 was implemented in all the other stages (from Primary to High School). Content are generated by teachers for different subjects and digital books from various publishers are loaded on to the iPads. All students have their own iPads.

iPads in the classroom

Units of work for are developed in the following way: Material is designed to work on in class with the support of the interactive white board, consequently, these same units form part of a compendium of thematic blocks which the student receives on their own digital tablet (iPad). In lower levels, iPad use is centered on the use of educational apps which complement material generated by teachers and the management of educational content. In higher levels, specifically in Secondary and High School, apps give way to an experience closer to that of a vast library of interactive textbooks. As a part of the materials used in Primary, apps are used to revise parts of the curriculum (for example, maths, spatial vision, basic programming, etc.). For all types of updates, check-ups, improvements and additions to their basic functions (revision or extension activities, schematic summaries, exercises worked on in class, conceptual maps of units, complementary material for units or interesting links related to a subject area), we rely on the support of the teaching network, Networking Class. This web area is part of the learning platform Iale 3.0.

Computer room

Students have a classroom with 25 iMacs where they not only have ICT classes but are also able to work on their own study notes using authoring tools. They also take part in iTunes U, which means that they are able to access information and take part in the iTunes U learning community.

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