From the very moment your child can walk, he/she is ready to come to the school.

The average number of students per classroom is 18. The maximum number of students per classroom is 25.

13% of our students are from other nationalities.

Iale is located in a quiet residential area between La Eliana and La Pobla de Vallbona, so while students are in the classroom noise cannot distract them as there are not cars, motorcycles, cranes, etc… They are also surrounded by nature and not concrete blocks, so the feeling of freedom and tranquillity is greater. It also has the advantage of having large spaces to practice their favourite sports and enjoy their free time during the lunch break.

At any time, during the school year before the month of June. The sooner you submit your enrolment application, the sooner you will reserve your place as courses are closed as inscriptions arrive.

For those students wishing to enrol for Year 1 of Primary to Year 2 of High School, it is a prerequisite to pass the admission test held at the Center. In addition to an interview with the student and his/her parents.

For the students of Preschool, an interview is held with parents.

Throughout the school year, you can make an appointment to visit the School. Visiting days are Monday to Friday. The open hours would be from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. In case you can not come in these days and times, the Department of Information will try to arrange with you a date that suits you.

If a going from Primary to High School passes the admission tests but he/she does not speak Spanish, he/she is required to take the course of Spanish for Foreigners offered throughout the academic year at the center.
For students in Preschool, he/she does not have to follow any specific Spanish course.

If a student needs support for any subject, he/she can attend supplementary classes from 5:00 pm to 6.30 pm with teachers from the Center. Depending on the subject, the classes will be one day or another.
This service involves an additional cost.

He/she must report it to the teacher and go to the clinic where the Schools Doctor is. Open hours are 9:15 am to 4:45 pm.

The School starts at 9:15 am and ends at 4:45 pm.

All the students enjoy a 20 minutes dinner break at about 12:00 am.

Preschool students have a 1h30min dinner break and a 1h nap (courses for 1 and 2 years old)
Primary students have a 1h20min dinner break.

Secondary and High School students have a 50min dinner break.

The School opens at 8:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm, so those parents who need to bring or pick up their children earlier or later do not have to worry.
This service involves an additional cost.

In the First Cycle of Preschool, English is taught for 1 year old children, 33% of the curriculum is taught in English, and it is composed of English language, environmental studies, songs and games.

In the Second Cycle of Preschool, (3+ year old children), 50% of the curriculum is taught in English, and it is composed of English language, Science, History and Geography, Art & Crafts, Maths and Information Technology.

Primary students are taught the subjects of English Language, Science, History and Geography, Religion, Information Technology (ICT), Music and Arts & Crafts in English. This volume of subjects represents 50% of the curriculum taught in English. The remaining 25% of the curriculum is taught in Castilian (Spanish Language, Maths and Physical Education) and the remaining 25% in the vernacular languages (Valencian, Chinese and French).

In Secondary, the maximum percentage of the subjects taught in English is 33%, being these History and Arts & Crafts and one hour of Oral English in addition to English Language classes.

From the age of three, Chinese is taught to all students for two hours a week. The students are taught the subject within the curriculum until Sixth of Primary inclusive and in Secondary it becomes optional or extracurricular.

French is introduced from the First course of Primary, and it is also compulsory until the end of Secondary

In Preschool and Primary, 95% of teachers who teach the subjects in English are native from UK, U.S., Ireland and Australia.

In Secondary and High School 50% of teachers who teach the subjects in English are native.

100% of teachers of Chinese are Chinese natives.

100% of teachers of French are French natives.

The uniform is compulsory except for some optional items as specified in the School regulations and the Uniform section.

You can buy it at the store within the school. It is open all the year during school hours and it can also be purchased online at our store ialeshop.com (except in September, when this option is not enabled).

Prices vary depending on the courses. The School sells the books during the first two weeks of September.

From Year 1 of ESO, students can stay in the boarding school.

No, the rooms are at least for two students. New students are accommodated with a roommate of the same age or similar. Older students choose their roommates.

Personal clothes, and towels and items of personal use. The sheets and quilts are provided by the center.

Yes, for those students who stay during the weekend at School, we offer a laundry service weekly.

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