The school organises annual cultural exchanges with schools abroad which are guaranteed to help students deepen their knowledge of the language as they get to know the culture of the country they are visiting.

Different types of linguistic immersion programmes are available.

In the case of the English language, Secondary students of 1st and 2nd year have got the possibility to do a cultural exchange with the students from a Scottish or an Ireland school, or a week of linguistics immersion in England. In the first case, our students, along with two English teachers, spend a week in Scotland or Ireland, staying with the families of the students that later on will come to spend a week in our school and in their houses. The objective is the practice of the English in an English speaking environment with a student of his/her age and learning different cultural aspects.

For the Secondary students from 1st to 3rd year, in the case of the Linguistic Immersion Course in Dublin, Ireland, students can decide to spend a term or a full school year, staying with an Irish family during their stay. The objective is the improvement of their English knowledge in an English spoken country, following the Irish curriculum.

With the same objectives than in English, with the exception of a student receive in return, students can choose to do the French immersion program a week long in a French school with total guarantee from 6thyear of Primary. During the week, two French teachers stay in that school and are responsible for our students.

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