In the globalised world we live in, it’s crucial that our students understand different languages so that they can lead their lives in any part of the world that they choose. For that reason, the Iale School encourages foreign languages.

Spanish and English are the common languages used in the Center whilst Valencian, French and Chinese are used only in dedicated class time.


Our teaching method combines English and Spanish so that our students are able to read independently in both languages.

In the First Cycle, English is taught for 1 year old children and it is composed of English language, environmental studies, songs and games.

In the Second Cycle, (3+ year old children), a great part of the curriculum is taught in English, and it is composed of English language, Science, History and Geography, Art & Crafts and iPads. Apart from English language, all other subjects are studied in both Spanish and English.

Reading in English begins at the age of three.

From the age of three, Mandarin Chinese is taught to all students for two hours a week. The number of hours is two per week.


Students are taught the subjects of English Language, Natural Science, Social Science, Religion, Music and Arts & Crafts in English. Unlike Preschool, in Primary, subjects are only taught in one language, so the remaining of the curriculum is taught in Castilian (Spanish Language, Maths, Information Technology, and Physical Education), except for the vernacular languages (Valencian, Chinese and French).

The teachers in charge of subjects are employed directly from United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or USA, and their qualifications are validated in Spain. In all subjects, the Spanish curriculum is followed, including their objectives and contents, with the exception of English language, for which we have created our own system adapted from both the British and Spanish curriculums.

Students study Mandarin Chinese as part of the curriculum in Primary Year 6 (inclusive). From Primary Year 1, French is introduced and studied as a compulsory subject for two hours throughout the whole Primary stage. Besides, our students can study Russian and German as an extracurricular activity.


In this stage, the subjects taught in English are History and Arts & Crafts and Oral English in addition to English Language classes.

English classes are split into two groups based on the level of English so that everyone is allowed to progress at their own rate. Both groups are planned according to different objectives, contents and schemes of work. They are taught by two different teachers who teach their groups simultaneously.

Chinese becomes elective or extra-curricular.

Besides, students study French, German or Mandarin Chinese as a compulsory subject.

Foreign exchanges to both English and French speaking countries take place at this stage.

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