The School prepares its students for the exams of the Trinity College of London and Cambridge University, in the case of the English language for the French Institute exams for the French language and the Confucius Institute for Chinese. However, it is not mandatory for any student for the Chinese language.

In Primary and Secondary our students do the exams of the official sittings of the Trinity College of London. These tests are performed in our center with official examiners from the university as it is an approved examination center. In this way our students don’t need to travel. Students in all courses are submitted to the different levels, and reaching level 6 at the end of Primary and level 12 in 4th grade of ESO or 1st grade of High School.

Cambridge exams begin in 6th grade of Primary with the KET and they finish in 1st or 2ndyear of Baccalaureate with the Certificate in Advanced English.

In the area of French, the students from 1st grade of ESO perform the official examinations for French, DELF. This exams will certify their level of French. They have international validity and in the future they can be useful to them as they could can points for scholarships, participate in exchange programs or just to work in international companies.

From 5th grade of Primary students have the opportunity to do an exam at the Confucius Institute for the Official Certificate YCT for Chinese language. This test certifies the level of spoken and written Chinese required to prove the level of Chinese language at any academic institution.

In all cases, the faculty is to decide which exams and which levels each student may take, and this is also commented to the parents.

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