Iale annually conducts the SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN in which, through various activities, funds are raised to assist our Community Charitable Associations and NGOs that help the poor. During the last school years, our cooperation has been with the following Organizations: La Casa Grande de Valencia, Espurna, Casa de la Caridad de Valencia, Residencia de Ancianos de Requena, Cáritas de la Eliana, Arca de Noé and FUNDAR (Fundación de la Solidaridad y el Voluntariado de la Comunidad Valenciana).

This fundraising is made possible thanks to the involvement of students and the Educational Community in organizing events such as the following:

 Helping Others Day

Held before the Christmas holidays. Students prepare workshops, stalls and shops where they sell all kinds of items mostly made by themselves. The funds raised go to Charities that have been previously determined.

A gift, a smile

Campaign in which each school student brings a gift, not necessarily new but in perfect condition, wrapped and indicating what age is appropriate for. All of these gifts are given already sorted by Casa Grande de Valencia, which has been visited by the Board of the school to see how work is done there.

Fundar Solidarity Center

Iale has been recognized as Fundar Solidarity Center, with the commitment to develop an annual program of support and to arrange a minimum of six volunteer-related activities, both internally and externally, and proposed by the organization. This Foundation disappeared during the 2013/2014 school year, but we still keep the information and contacts to continue its beneficial impact in the education of our students

‘Youth with Values’ Congress

Organized by LO QUE DE VERDAD IMPORTA. Every year, our Secondary School Graduates attend a Congress where they have the privilege of listening to people who have succeeded despite their troubles, getting to do something meaningful with their lives, something that is not only a benefit for them but also for the entire society. Some of the speakers were: Irene Villa, Xavi Torres, Pablo Pineda, William Rodríguez, etc.

Dasyc Foundation

Informative talks about volunteering organized by the Dasyc Foundation for students in their Year 4 to 2 of HIGH SCHOOL, held in a cyclical base, where they receive first hand information about where and how they can access volunteer tasks in the Community where they live.

Vicente Ferrer Foundation

Ialeschool has worked and continues to work actively with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in various initiatives such as the construction of a school in Udegolam, buying bicycles for students in Anantapur, etc. These projects have many implications and also our students put into practice the financial knowledge that they have been developing for years.

Also, Primary students carry on the program “School to School”, with which establishes contact with children from Anantapur and throughout the year several mailings are made, and aswell we receive them from the Indian school. In this way, our students learn to know different styles of life completely different to our own.


Our school collaborates with Juegaterapia in obtaining funds for its various activities, like the construction of children playgrounds on the roofs of hospitals for hospitalized children to play during their stay.

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