In Iale special importance is given to sport, not only because it is essential for the development of intelligence from an early age, but also because our students learn the importance of teamwork, to respect their classmates and the coach, and the need to follow rules, etc. Sport also increases the self-esteem of children and teenagers, giving them great satisfaction when they win and it helps them to learn to accept defeat, strengthening their character. Iale considers it essential that students practise their sport both inside and outside of school. School has sports facilities where you can practise different types of sports both in physical education classes, at lunchtime or in the afternoon.



Physical Education is very important in Iale starting in infants. In this stage, as well as the motor skills classes taught through the Doman early stimulation method, children are taught to play team games by specialist physical education teachers. In Primary the Physical Education classes include specific sports depending on the year group.



The school is currently involved in an innovative project for physical activity and sport that has emerged from our experience in projects with high-performance athletes. Throughout Secondary we have doubled the hours of physical education in the curriculum, from the two official hours to four hours. Two of these hours are devoted to the subject of Physical Education itself and the other two hours are devoted to a specific sport chosen by each student from the 4 offered: football, basketball, volleyball and hockey. These additional hours of team sports are taught by professional coaches for each sport so that they directly transmit the knowledge, skills and values of the sport studied to a high level, offering an experience equivalent to that of professional athletes.



As well as the Physical Education classes, students can use the facilities at lunchtime by joining the school’s sports clubs from age 3. Currently school offers the following clubs:

  • Basketball
  • Indoor football
  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Judo
  • Dance
  • Pádel
  • Skating
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball



The Physical Education department also organise different events throughout the year in order to promote sporting values:

  • Sports Day, which takes place at Calvestra, our outdoor centre, where the secondary students spend a day participating in different outdoor activities, outwith the school setting
  • Inter-school competitions or tournaments between the schools which form the Iale-Elian’s Educational Group.
  • Luis Monzonís Memorial Celebration, where the Primary students compete in physical tests and team sports.
  • Ski trip, optional activity, for a week during which parents and students can practise skiing. It is not just a trip for sport, but also an opportunity for both families and teachers to live together outside the school environment.
  • Swimming lessons, which are optional and begin in May. The lessons are for all the students in Infants and Primary who want to learn or improve their swimming during school time with specialist monitors who are guided by the Physical Education department in the school’s swimming pool.



Iale has been the first integrated partner of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). Throughout the year, our students participate in different IOC educational activities and our teachers collaborate with COE when required.



The sports facilities at the school, in addition to being available to our students outside school hours, are also available for the general public with a wide range of activities for both children and adults. For more information visit the web >
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